Electroplating Services

We offer a number of electroplating finishes for engineering purposes.

We can do many of the below electroplating's to local and international specifications.

We offer post De-embrittlement processes to reduce Hydrogen Embrittlment if required


1) Zinc Plating /electrogalv ( Blue, Yellow Olive Drab and Black passivations. Trivalent and hexavalent )

2) Nickel Plating (Bright,Satin and Sulfur-mate)

3) Cadmium plating (yellow clear and Olive Drab)

4) Copper (Bright and Electrical)

5) Tin

6) Silver

7) Gold

8) Chrome (Flash chrome or hard chrome)not decorative

9) Lead

10) Other industrial associated plating's

Please enquirer if you require any of the above or other electroplating


Zinc Plating                                                Bright nickel, chrome and hard nickel