Anodizing And Aluminium Coatings
Chromate convesion coatings

We offer two types of Chromate conversion coatings which are commonly called alodine or alchromate coatings

The special features of these coatings is the low electrical resistance of the coatings and a good base for secondary paint finishes

1) Standard (yellow in colour)

2) Trivalent (Clear in colour and low hexavalent Cr)


We Offer an array of anodizings

The anodizing can be done to many local and international specifications.

Some of the anodizings include

1) Chromic acid anodizing (locally known as type 1)

2) Natural and coloured anodizing (Locally known as Type 2 and class 2 if coloured)

3) Hard anodizing (Locally known as Type three)

4) Anodizing on Titanium (Natural as well as coloured)

Some of the anodizing colours offered by Controlled Surface Treatemnts

Hard Anodized components between 30 and 60 um